Articles by Paula

Articles by Paula Otero

Want to Know Who Your Real Friends Are? Start a Business

By reframing our approach to networking the chances of success increase exponentially. Someone in my social media network posted this recent...

Nabbing a Government Contract

How to Get a Piece of the Pie as a Latina Minority Business Enterprise Every fiscal year hundreds of state and city government agencies issu...


Content Creation

We live in a world where people proudly stand for what makes them unique. Culture, gender, sexual orientation and beliefs are woven into the fabric of their identity. Our subject matter experts understand the nuances because, like our world, they live their diversity. We craft your message in-culture, with respect and understanding for the person who will be reading, clicking, viewing and engaging.

Public Relations

PR has evolved into to a multi-media engagement tool whose role is as much to tell your story as it is to pull in your target. We integrate metrics and analytics that track success achieved with each campaign.


As a tool of Public Relations it carries the power of an independent voice. We offer a suite of services that include:

  • Media Relations
  • Audio News Releases (multi-language)
  • Multi-ethnic Influencer Engagement (buzz generating events)
  • Media prepping & Image consultation
  • Personal video business cards


Social Media & Digital Content 

Social media is the opportunity to educate and develop a two-way conversation about your brand and products. We create message-centric content in various languages, always in-culture that is then integrated through multiple media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer identification, relationship management, influencer campaign management, campaign measurement, and campaign reporting.

Media buying and event sponsorship

Our team of experts deliver the best  value to our clients through expert negotions on media packages and event sponsorship integration. We support every step of the activation process from creative planning to brand ambassador prepping. 

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